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Whether you happen to be travelling on business or pleasure, the whole experience of it is typically rather stressful. The stress can begin right at the outset when you are just at the planning stages and could go on right up until the minute you are leaving. Take the stress out of travelling using these few very simple tips.

Primarily you must plan in advance by making sure that the flights and hotel accommodation are booked and confirmed, preferably in writing. That way you can relax on your flight knowing that even in the event of a delay one can arrive at the hotel reception desk knowing there is going to be a room available for you.

For people who don’t spend all of their holiday lying on the beach or in a resort, you could have to make arrangements with regards to car hire. Failing that, you may also ask the hotel employees to recommend a responsible taxi firm you could use whenever you wished to go holiday shopping, seeing the sights or going to a reasturant.

It’s also a possibility that you may get lost on your trip and this is the main worry for travellers. You are in foreign lands and unless you have been there a few times you’ll be uninformed of where to go and ways of getting there. Well before you set out, obtain some travel books and maps; and maybe even some phrasebooks of foreign languages to make use of when speaking to the locals.

It’s also useful to keep with you a credit card, some ID and sufficient money to get yourself a taxi back to the hotel if necessary. Before heading out of the hotel it would be wise to ask them for a business card for instances when you require directions or to show to the driver of the taxi so that they will be able to bring you back. By simply acknowledging to yourself that you could get lost means one can be better prepared and yet another great weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

For anyone who is in another country on business chances are you will like to do a bit of sightseeing once the ‘business’ has been concluded. Don’t drag your feet. Set aside a day in which to do nothing but take in the surroundings and visit all the local points of interest.

As time will probably be of the essence, it is really beneficial to make an itinerary of all the places you would like to see before you decide to head back home. Using books on travel and maps, specifically street maps of the area you want to see, will surely be helpful not just in making your itinerary simple to follow but also lets you maximise the amount of time available to you, thus making your sightseeing day a lot of fun, enjoyable and wholly stress free.

A great way to beat stress is to write things down in a diary or journal. It’s no different when it comes to your travel experiences, indeed writing your own personal travel books may also assist in keeping the memories of such times alive. Putting down in writing the sights you have seen, the places you have actually travelled to and the setbacks or delights you experienced once there can act as a reminder for you should you ever want to travel to that country again or should you need to pass on this knowledge to a fellow traveller.

The point of this article is to plan in advance and revel in stress free travel!


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