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Beatrix Potter is known as one of the greatest and best loved children’s authors of all time. Since her first book, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, published in 1902, she continued to create a series of tales about characters such as Mrs Tiggy Winkle, Benjamin Bunny, Jemima Puddleduck, Mr Jeremy Fisher and Tom Kitten.

Beatrix was also famous for her brilliant artwork and illustrations, which she sent as postcards to friends and in later years used to develop her legendary sequence of books. Her books centred on nature and the fascinating characters which were based on animals.

Beatrix Potter was born in London on 28 July 1866 where she lived a sheltered life with her affluent Victorian family. She didn’t go to school but was taught in the home by a tutor; this meant that her childhood was rather lonely.

In an effort to cheer herself Beatrix surrounded herself with lots of pets, mainly rabbits who she named Peter and Benjamin, ferrets, frogs, dogs and even a pet bat. Beatrix took pleasure in watching them all and would often sit and sketch them incessantly until her sketches of them got better and better. Pets and other animals were her faithful companions all through her childhood and she had fun exploring the countryside and learning all about plants and animals through her own observations.

After she was sixteen, Beatrix and her parents went for a holiday to Lake Windermere in the Lake District and right away became captivated and enthralled by the stunning scenery she saw there. On visiting Near Sawrey in 1896 she noticed for the first time the farmhouse which was eventually to become a dwelling Beatrix would visit often and for long periods of time.

It was in this particular farmhouse, Hill Top, where she wrote and illustrated a good number of her books from 1906 onwards, starting with the Tale of Mr Jeremy Fisher. Beatrix set 6 of her children’s picture books and tales here and the house eventually became her personal museum. Numerous bits of the garden and house were used to create the illustrations for her books. Peter Rabbit and many other of her characters still continue to be steady favourites with children to this day.

Beatrix Potter was very much interested in the study of natural history and took an active interest in protecting the countryside of the Lake District, so much so that she became a benefactor and donated a lot of valuable books and a number of her watercolour sketches. Beatrix began these paintings way before she became a writer of books for children of all ages.

Many of the world’s celebrated books are considerably long and Victorian writers especially seemed to love taking their time over developing their plots. But Beatrix Potter would focus on books so short and so small in their size overall that they scarcely seemed to be books at all. But they were books and they still have a tremendous following with young readers, who become steady friends with characters like Peter Rabbit and Mrs Tiggy Winkle, the hedgehog.

Despite what some may think, Beatrix Potter was no sentimental, shrinking violet. She was a self determining, self-taught and accomplished artist and naturalist and an enthusiastically creative narrator.

All the animal characters invoke some kind of an affection and the tales are amongst the favoured ones that parents read to their children and lots of people know the characters even though they’ve never in fact read the books. Though children especially like Beatrix Potter, you are never too old to read these lovable and inspirational stories. Lovers of Beatrix Potter everywhere may learn all about her in biographies books of famous people.


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Whichever way you look at it and wherever you see examples of it, landscaping is landscaping. It’s perfectly normal for people to prefer their gardens and homes to appear as delightful as they can and make your neighbours green with envy.

You will discover a load of items and books avaiable for purchase which will assist in finding the best gardening ideas available to experiment with in your garden or yard. In such a hi-tech world it is easy to purchase landscaping software to help you create the ideal creations for your yard or garden. Using this particular software can also help reduce the number of options, so making the ultimate decision that much easier.

Searching for landscape design ideas need not be a difficult task. If using software is not your preference then you might want to purchase home and garden books and in so doing delight yourself with photographs of perfectly and cleverly designed yards, gardens and patios.

Before you commence this task it can be best to do a lot of research, although if anything does go wrong rest assured it is feasible for anything to be put right.

It is very important if you plan on doing a certain amount of digging that you verify if there are any pipes or power lines of some sort running through your garden or yard. Besides being unsafe it can cost an absolute fortune to fix if you happen to break any of them. Another thing to consider are limitations on what you can do with landscaping. For example, you should know the maximum height permitted for fences, trees and hedges.

Landscaping your garden can be fun and it can also get your creative juices flowing. Just by adding a bit of layering into the beds of your garden will give a simple elegance to your garden design as a whole. There’s lots of books on gardening to be had to assist you in this task, creating a veritable spectacle of flowers and plants and many with bright colours. Your garden, and for all the right reasons, will be the talk of the locals.

When layering your garden or beds you may plant indiscriminately then cross your fingers and hope they turn out well. Still, by referring to landscape design books for reference you’ll be able to create a plan in order that flowers and plants are put in the correct order and in the right places. Just to be clear you don’t choose to have your smaller flowers hidden behind your taller ones.

This is clearly something you wouldn’t do, however the amateur gardener might be just that tad over excited at the time to pay any attention to such details. Perhaps creating a rough sketch of your planned layout before you begin can be a great help and may cause you fewer problems along the way.

Making your garden landscape design successful depends a lot on the layering affects of your design as they can add depth and make your garden more interesting to look at.

Professional gardeners and designers do not as a rule knock on your door every few minutes offering their assistance so if you’ve an assortment of home and garden books available you may always use them to refer to in times of need or encouragement.

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Children’s book clubs can be an amazing way of nurturing a lifelong love of reading and expanding their intellect along with providing an opportunity to form key skills just like public speaking, ability to debate and seeing things from different standpoints. Book clubs can give kids the option to socialise and pick up new friends.

School book clubs are ideal for promoting reading no matter how old the child is. Maybe in mainstream school lessons, kids could be forced to read and write about books instead of being entertained by them in a book club. The more flexible the club, with reference to how organised it is or sorts of activities it offers, the more popular it will be. Allowing the kids themselves to take a more enthusiastic role in organising and arranging the activities in the book club should allow them to get much more out of it.

Running a children’s book club is, in many ways, very much like running one to suit grown ups. Just by getting together a group of kids that enjoy reading you can start a book club. This is accomplished by asking friends and teachers or by putting up posters in libraries, schools or other places in the community which kids attend.

At the outset it is a great idea for parents to go along with their kids to experience the book club for themselves and witness firsthand whether their kid is fitting in. Parents can assist their children to choose the right books to read and help them to learn how to share the book club books with other youngsters.

To get a school book club to be successful it is vital that the kids be allowed to take responsibility for it now and again in letting them state the date and time the meetings are to be held and what books to read. This approach can only make kids enjoy reading more by getting them to think that they are in control of the entire event.

It is also a priority to choose a few club rules as a result of which the book club can be efficiently managed. These rules ought to involve the number of meetings, an outline of what the members may expect and those rules managing behaviour of and respect towards each club member. Yet again, getting the youngsters themselves involved in forming these rules and perhaps even creating a club name, logo or slogan might give them a feeling of true ownership and pride.

Scholastic Book Clubs are a great way for students and book club members to choose books. Scholastic books offer a wide range of titles intended for all tastes and abilities so there is something to suit everybody. School book clubs will have books for children of all ages and most likely plenty of book collections in boxed sets so that children could follow a particular much loved character in the course of many different tales.

Parents may also start up their own book clubs for the benefit of their own children and all kids living in close proximity, setting up a rota system in order that the hosting of these clubs can be shared equally among the neighbours.

Permitting kids ample time to read the chosen books is necessary, so many book clubs often only need to meet up once every month or even for a longer time. It is the discussion of the books, however, which will be the main purpose for meeting up, enabling the youngsters to present their views of the books they have read unreservedly and with ease and thereby increasing their capacity to interact and communicate with others.

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Do you have a pastime with which you pass the time? Spare time is a rarity so our time spent enjoying hobbies has to be savoured. When you have a hobby you like, your spare time will never be looked upon in the same way again.

Music is a normal and tremendously pleasurable hobby and one which we may all enjoy most often. There’s much to learn about any genre of music, for example composers and famous melodies, not to mention past performers as well as those in the present. You could acquire a taste for all things music or become lost in one specific form and begin to collect a significant collection of CDs.

A lot of people love animals and pets of all kinds can become your new passion. Maybe you like to watch birds, in which case you can not just watch them through your kitchen window when they pay a visit to your garden but even when walking about the countryside. With the aid of nature’s best books on birds you could take pleasure in and find out all about each bird, its habits and habitats.

Man’s best friend is a dog and walking and enjoying a pet dog is great for relieving stress as well as providing an opportunity to exercise. Nevertheless, breeding dogs for show is a different thing completely as they could need a good deal more commitment of your time and likewise your money, so this specific hobby really should not be taken lightly.

Riding bicycles could be a favourite diversion too, again providing you the chance to exercise doing something which you take pleasure in. Biking is included in a very long list of family crafts and hobbies as it’s something the entire family can take part in. You’ll require a helmet and suitable clothing and also a toolkit should you need to carry out a repair. It’s possible to take cycling to a higher level and grow to be a future Olympic medal winner. The choice is up to you.

Something a little less vigorous you may enjoy is stamp collecting. This is an educational pastime for children and is even one of the finest educational hobbies for men and women too. Stamps can be taken from personal mail, especially those posted in another country and can even be bought. These collections may be intriguing to look through and certain stamps could even be of some worth.

To start with all you need is a stamp album and special mounting tapes, a pair of small tongs or tweezers, for delicate lifting and a magnifying glass so as to distinguish every microscopic detail.

Some collectors concentrate on creating a collection of the many commemorative stamps produced by the Post Office for a limited time, that usually honour certain people or events. All stamps however are diverse, very beautiful and remarkable, even if you’re not a collector.

With the introduction of email and texting, writing letters is becoming something of the past. Nevertheless, having pen pals in distant countries is an ideal way to get foreign postage stamps along with making new friends and broadening your outlook.

The world is filled with interesting family crafts and hobbies to learn and perform that can be good for the mind, the body or purely a good example of spending time doing something significant.

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