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Shirley Hughes pioneered kid’s books and is just one on a long list of best loved authors and illustrators of the present day. She has produced over 70 books, which incorporate the Dogger and Alfie collection and illustrated loads more by other writers. Shirley continues to be published the world over and generations of kids have grown up captivated and comforted by her books, and which over the years has won her major awards.

Shirley has won the Kate Greenaway Medal twice and was awarded the OBE for her illustrious service to kid’s books. In 2007, Dogger was voted the UK’s preferred Kate Greenaway Medal-winning book of all time.

Dogger should strike a chord with any kids aged 3 and above who have ever misplaced their favourite cuddly toy. Dogger is described as a worn dog with bent ears and a friendly face that means everything to Dave, therefore when he goes missing, Dave is devastated. Children’s picture books are timeless and Dogger has lost none of its appeal and is still a story to which all children and their parents will relate.

Shirley’s inspiration for drawing and thinking up tales began during her wartime childhood in Lancashire, which in turn developed into a lifetime attraction to images that told tales. Her love of drawing and writing is attributed to the idyllic childhood she experienced, in which a lot of time was spent making up fantasy worlds and occasionally going to the cinema.

Her debut novel was entitled Hero on a Bicycle. It is a thrilling and poignant story with a touch of romance, set against a spectacular background of war-torn Italy. Based on Hughes’ own experience of going to Florence not long after World War II, it is a warm, affectionate tale of courage against the odds, which deals candidly with the cruelty of war, but maintains a distinctive understanding and lightness of touch. Beautifully printed in a knowingly retro, melancholy manner, it also features Hughes’ recognisable black and white illustrations.

Shirley’s Alfie books get their appeal from typical elements. As well, they show how experimental an artist and designer Shirley Hughes is. From Up and Up, her wordless picture book, through the split-screen technique of Alfie Gets in First, to the lush cinemascope of Enchantment in the Garden, Hughes never stops innovating.

Alfie is also great at teaching children their numbers and the alphabet. Learning to count with Alfie couldn’t be simpler since his world is filled with numbers. By utilizing their fingers and toes and having fun with Alfie, small kids can learn to count. The exact simplicity can be attached to Alfie’s alphabet book too, commencing with A for Alfie, B for bedtime and Shirley walks every kid through the complete alphabet representing certain things that can be found in Alfie’s world which start with each letter.

By Sun and Candlelight features remarkable images and this beautiful collection of poetry and prose makes a perfect present for adults and children alike. This collected works commemorates the riches of a lifetime with writings and poems to indicate each one of the key milestones, such as childhood, young adulthood, falling in love, family life, getting older and bereavement.

The board books and picture books of Shirley Hughes are celebrated for their nicely in depth images which capture all the wonder and happiness of a small person’s world. From teatime treats to covert adventures, she has a flawless awareness of the things which enthrall kids.


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Do not be tricked into thinking that after school activities are not as crucial as conventional school day activities because you could not be more mistaken. Studies suggest that kids pick up some of their most vital skills from after school activities. Which is why kids who do not take part in any extracurricular activities shall often be slow and less lively.

The learning atmosphere that is fostered in after school activities needs to be as regimented and as functional as that obtained in the school. This is especially true of educational after school classes. This is the best place to teach children vital skills just like time management and target setting. Time management is a necessary skill, nevertheless it’s not accomplished easily. Kids have to experience the regulation that’s required to finish a task and the happiness or pride in completing the allotted work in a precise timeframe.

Children seek out different things in after class activities. The learning environment ought to be attractive, colourful and informative. Employ charts, illustrations, posters and drawings to brighten up a class. Extra resources that often are not readily obtainable in the school will make the classes more interesting. For instance, if teaching a lesson in biology, permit kids to look through a microscope or see slides of bacteria. This can add to his or her knowledge and also make him/her more passionate about his/her after school classes.

Discipline remains an important requisite in after school activities. In fun or sport based activities, it is easy for kids to step out of line and cause chaos. While children must be permitted to have fun, they should be restrained from improper behaviour. The best way to impose discipline is to set down the rules at the very start. Let the children see what’s undesirable at the outset.

Rewards are a very necessary part of any learning process. The reward may be a simple pat on the back or a token of appreciation. Motivating your children to wish for higher things is very beneficial. By rewarding their achievements children will be more than happy to continue with their chosen activities. Having competitions or sport activities where the kids may demonstrate their skill is a reward in itself.

Children can become bored easily, especially in the case of an academic class. The key thrust of an academic topic is to go over that which has been taught in class and to allow the child to pick it up instantly. It’s hard to arouse children’s concentration a second time, specially when children are already tired of one dose of exactly the same lesson. It’s best to prevent boredom by using ingenious means such as an unplanned lesson on any subject, a quiz or a slideshow. Also you should afford access to educational books for learning that’ll be enjoyable and fun.

After school activities are fast becoming more popular by the day. Parents desire their children to learn more. Kids too possess an insatiable thirst for learning therefore feed it with sticker and activity books or puzzles and games. In after school classes, it is a possibility to pay kids the individual attention they want and satisfy this thirst by means of innumerable successful methods.

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The increase in the number of fast food establishments that supply a lot of saturated fat in their foods; the use of a good deal of refined sugar in sodas and other processed foods and eating food with a reduced amount of fibre have all contributed to the fact that there are more people than before who are categorised as being fat or obese.

Lots of other reasons cause this to come about like genetics, overeating and as people grow old the metabolism slows down making it much harder than before to burn the food that was just eaten.

The speed that a person loses weight is proportionate to how it is gained. Fast weight loss isn’t recommended as it leaves the person with loose skin and the only method to get shot of it would have to be surgery.

How much weight loss an individual may achieve depends on their condition which embraces weight, health, calorie intake, age, gender, lifestyle, stress level and routine.

Being fat does not automatically make an individual unhealthy. Nevertheless, finding the latest fashions that don’t make you look older is an actual challenge. Unfortunately there is no speedy or overnight solution to attain fast weight loss.

Nutritionists and other health specialists will say that with proper exercise and healthy eating plan a person could really lose a certain number of pounds every week.

The first thing an individual must do is to pick a diet program designed by a dietician for you or choose from one of the best diet books to be had which you feel is best appropriate. If affected by any health problems it may be best to consult your own GP for advice before beginning any dieting regime.

The ‘designed’ program typically includes an eating plan and an exercise program that doesn’t entail the use of vitamin supplements or the need to buy some costly fitness equipment.

The perfect exercise plan ought to have aerobic and weight training exercises. This will assist in burning off calories and increase the muscle to fat ratio which can build up an individual’s metabolism and lose weight.

A good diet must have food from every one of the food groups, 2 groups in particular.

Firstly there are carbohydrates. The food that an individual consumes must have fibre, vitamins and minerals. A lot of these should come from oats, rice, potatoes and cereals. The most effective still occur naturally in fruits and vegetables and are necessary foods for a wholesome eating routine. Maybe finding some recipes from cookbooks for vegetarians and vegans would be of some assistance.

The second is fat which can come from mono and poly saturated food sources rather than animal fats. Given that fat has over double the amount of calories in food, this should be taken in lesser quantities to lose weight.

All diet plans are designed to make the individual introduce a reduced amount of calories into the body. This does not mean that the person has to eat less. It simply signifies that you ought to eat wise by selecting the foods which have less calories. This makes it possible for a person to drop weight without the need to eat less.

You should continue to keep an eye on weight loss throughout and when needed, may well need to modify the dieting plan in order to lose further weight. If stuck to firmly you ought to see great results. Obtain some of the best health and beauty books for even better results!

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British prose does have an abundance of fantastic tales and stories concerning famous and significant battles and historic associations of a romantic kind. One legend which has exactly this and more is the mystical story of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. That is despite the fact that it is not clear that he lived at all; this hasn’t stoppedprecluded the legend of King Arthur from turning into an influential period in British history.

We base what we discern about King Arthur through information we have assembled from an array of different legends written at different periods of time by different storytellers. The singular issue on which all tend to agree is that he was a 5th century British general who fought numerous enemies to sustain peace within his kingdom.

Apparently the illegitimate son of the king, Uther Pendragon, Arthur was raised in secret and was oblivious to his heritage. After Uther died Merlin, the sorcerer, set a sword into a huge boulder and the nobility of the country was instructed that whoever could extract the sword from the stone was the legal heir to the throne of Britain.

Folklore says that Arthur drew the sword from the boulder when he was aged 15 and as a consequence was then crowned King Arthur. He immediately started defending Britain from invasion.

King Arthur is the topic of numerous books of fiction and movies making certain that this specific legend loses none of its appeal to readers and filmgoers alike. Maybe this is because Arthur has come to symbolise Britain’s entire history thus delivering an unwavering feeling of ethical stability; the perfect King in the course of war and peace.

Arthur is, of course, the key figure in this legend but his code of chivalry was also followed by his trustworthy brothers in arms, the Knights of the Round Table, every one of them united as one in honour, honesty, valour and loyalty. The round table is said to have been made by Arthur to encourage the idea of fairness among himself and his knights, assuring that nobody can sit at the head of what was known to be the highest order of chivalry in the court of King Arthur.

There are numerous history books to read on King Arthur and his Knights, especially books which give attention to his romance with Guinevere, his wife and Lancelot, his good friend and noble knight. Our special threesome is often an integral part in many books and movies, as with Knights of the Round Table and First Knight, there again what possible interest would a legend possess if it was in need of a certain amount of romance and intrigue.

An accord reached by many historians is that King Arthur could have existed in person even if not in name. Some contend that he was a Celt warrior during the Dark Ages. Most heroes during the Dark Ages most often are actual men who had legendary tales attached to them by writers or by way of historic data present in many books of reference. These type of myths and tales have when all’s said and done created a legend that will remain in the chronicles of Celtic folklore forever.

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