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If you are reading this it is most likely because you have realised that books can enrich all our lives and give it a purpose. Perhaps that purpose can be collecting traditional children’s books which can be addictive and exciting and a suitable hobby for all ages and tastes.

The collecting of traditional or vintage books may also inspire an interest or fascination with other things vintage which are not necessarily connected to literature and as your collections grow it is nice to be able to share your purchases with other like minded people.

Due to an awesome invention known as the internet, the finding of traditional or vintage children’s books online has now become much easier. Thanks to the children’s bookshop online and auction sites it is possible to rummage around these sites in order to find the books you particularly want and could never before find. Purchasing from all over the world by simply clicking on a mouse makes book collecting fun, uncomplicated and easy.

Authors and illustrators of today are taking advantage of the latest digital technology to create their books and children’s books in particular. Their willingness and eagerness to embrace this new technology enables them to cultivate an environment in the world of children’s books which is both investigational and innovative.

It’s important that children enjoy reading all forms of literature, the more diverse the better. Obviously that will occur gradually as they get older, but initially children will respond favourably to the images and pictures contained in beautifully illustrated books. Books without words may sound a little odd, but until children can read for themselves they are useful in that they can allow adults to put their imaginations to good use by creating their own stories based around the pictures in the book.

That is a really cool idea, as the story would most often include the people and objects that surround children every day of their lives and will provide a secure and comforting environment in which boys and girls may grow.

The brain is literally a sponge and often the subtle messages contained in children’s books can be very persuasive and influential. Being easily influenced is part of being a child but by absorbing all these messages and the environment around them is how they can learn to become adults.

Traditional or classic stories from all over the world and action and adventure novels are beautifully illustrated so they can attract and delight kids of all ages to read them. Traditional characters like wizards and witches, dragons, princes and princesses thrive in, say, fairy tales but our classic children’s books include stories such as Wind in the Willows, Alice in Wonderland and Treasure Island which have previously entertained generations of kids and continue to do so today. They also make beautiful gifts which can be treasured forever.

Boys and girls will often choose to read different types of books but it is important that both genders attempt to read a wide variety of literature to open their minds to bigger and better possibilities. Yes, it’s nice to read the latest books but it is most beneficial to introduce classic and traditional books into a collection and allow our children to enter the sometimes weird but always wonderful world of children’s literature.


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eBooks and eReaders are an alternative means to reading books, magazines and other reading material. Suffice to say that any device which displays text on a screen may act as an ereader, however specialised ebook readers can provide easy portability, readability and battery life for this purpose. It is also well known that a single ereader is capable of holding the digital equivalent of hundreds of printed texts without any added weight.

Although similar to a tablet computer, the screen of an eBook reader is typically much slower. The tablets are capable of higher refresh rates, better interaction and versatility, as they can devour and create many types of content. That being said, the eReader affords better readability of their screens and have a longer battery life.

It is also possible these days for eReaders to access the internet through the use of Wi-fi and with the software built-in it provides a link to your online library or ebook seller so that you can buy, borrow, receive and even lend your ebooks for eReaders.

Once registered, your eReader stores all your books and other reading materials for easy access and are also kept online for added security. It is possible to download ebooks for eReaders from any location, computer or memory card.

Deciding between ebook reader or tablet is a daunting task particularly when there are so many options to consider, such as size, weight, screen type and perhaps an app ‘ecosystem’. An app offers the most flexibility and gives you access to your reading collection on multiple devices and also lets you read ebooks from a variety of sellers, meaning you can read Kindle books on an iPad or Nook books via an android phone etc.

If all you want to do is read books or perhaps newspapers and magazines then a simple e-ink reader would suffice very well and can cost from as little as £49. eReaders offer you the nearest experience to reading a book and while they have some useful features included you don’t get the distraction of emails or social media messages being flashed across the screen.

The weight and size of your ereader is a very important issue which should be considered before you buy as you will have to hold it in front of you for a considerable amount of time.

The smallest and lightest ebook readers available weigh between six and 7.5 ounces depending on whether or not it has a touch screen or a built in light. Even when using a protective case or screen cover they are light enough to use for extended periods of time even though their use will add to the overall weight.

Unlike books or magazines an eBook allows you to change the font size of the material you are reading, even if you only have a small screen you are able to display much larger type than what you may be used to seeing in books etc so you don’t have to forfeit the readability of the text. PDF documents often look cramped on a small screen, however, as generally larger print is used in these types of documents.

Dedicated e-book readers, like Nook, Kindle, Kobo, and Sony Reader use an e-ink screen which does an admirable job of replicating the appearance of printed paper. However, they’re black and white and the pages don’t refresh as quickly as those on an LCD do, but you can read e-ink readers in direct sunlight, which is something you’re not able to do on a LCD screen.

The screens on e-ink readers are not self illuminating, but with the release of readers with Glowlight, Paperwhite and Glo this has now changed and with the use of in-built lighting technology it is now possible to read an e-ink screen in a dark environment.

Any ebook reader with additional technology included does invariably cost you more than the basic eReaders, however if they provide the reading experience that you want then the extra expense is probably well worth it.

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