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Unless you , yourself are a terrific fact or information enthusiast then it’s doubtful that you’d read many non-fiction books. As is probably the case with most other readers, a non-fiction book is looked at only to find pertinent information and isn’t particularly supposed to induce any particular appeal. A scholar could think otherwise perhaps!

Until now I’ve always read and taken pleasure in fiction stories above all else and would never think about buying books of the non-fiction kind. I would thus pigeonhole myself as a committed reader of fiction, however now that I come to think about it I recognize that I’ve also read and loved numerous biographies books, that happen to be merely one of many genres of non-fiction.

Even though the best non-fiction texts are those which you might have an association with, an interest or fixation with a certain topic perhaps, there can be times in your life when it’s required to study or read non-fiction books which don’t necessarily appeal to you. Non-fiction does not have to be written text seeing that film and pictures are also able to symbolize a factual account of an event or subject.

There are loads more non-fiction books that can have an effect on our lives at some stage or another, a few more than others. Dictionaries or Thesaurus are often very large books, in actual fact they can be huge! Fortunately, these types of book are also available in smaller sizes, some of which should be small enough to fit inside your pocket. If studying or attempting crosswords such books are very helpful. Discovering new words and their definition is a wondrous thing.

If I had to propose a topic as my favourite style of non-fiction, well I imagine I’d have to disclose a love for biographies books of famous people. Aided by the arrival of the internet it would be quite straightforward nowadays to look online so that you can look for information about your favoured celebrities, sportsman or person of authority. But I find there’s absolutely nothing better than flicking through the pages of a hardbacked book instead.

General reference books are considered to be quite boring and quite often challenging to read. This might be correct in most cases, though some may be just as fascinating as fiction if you have got the determination and the interest. By way of example, ‘how to’ books are effective at engaging many people into studying something different which may in time become a new hobby or pastime that could be shared with family and friends. It might be that you want to learn how to be an artist or sculptor – by passing on your wisdom, this can invariably lead to assembly outings with trips to art galleries and museums.

You could possibly advocate non-fiction to read as a subject in your book club. They may prove to be incredibly popular as you’d get the chance to talk about what you’ve learned from the book and pass on your thoughts to the others of the group. This in turn would enable the other members in the group to chat about your views whilst offering up their own too.

Obtaining new information and experiences is the reason why non-fiction books are a joy to read!


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