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Since the 2012 Olympic Games, the fascination in sports and partaking in a sport has reached new heights and is an excellent and enjoyable way for getting. It’s interesting to know how people during the Middle Ages got fit and which form of sports activities they participated in.

The people of the Middle Ages enjoyed countless hours free from graft and indulging in sports activities. Nevertheless many sports played throughout the Middle Ages were aimed towards expanding the combat abilities of men. Middle Ages Feudalism was founded on the barter of land in favour of joining the military. Lords were required to make available skilled soldiers to engage in battle for the king. It was imperative for knights to obtain excellent combat skills. The medieval sporting activities in the Middle Ages were consequently created to offer weapon practice and to boost a man’s fitness.

Sporting Contests

Feudalism was looked upon as a pyramid of power. It was possible for every person to progress further up the ranks of the pyramid and that is what everyone hoped to do. A knight who was courageous in combat or was successful at jousting in tournaments often become wealthy. His wealth could afford him a castle. His import in the land would improve resulting in his inclusion in the landed gentry. A peasant that was very talented in sporting activities during the Middle Ages should be able to win a purse at a sporting contest, secure a significant reputation and increased value by his lord and his station in life would increase.

Tournaments and Jousting

The really big sporting events were the tournaments and the jousts. These type of sports activities were perilous because men might very easily be killed. Knights who took part in these contests had to be skilled in quintain, a target utilized by knights to practice jousting. Knights and feudal lords employed such weapons as lances, swords, battle axes and daggers and the majority of Medieval sports activities were designed to provide practice of such skills. This kind of thing might be of immense interest to kids and can be within sports books for kids .


Archery wasn’t only one of the Medieval sporting activities during the Middle Ages. Lower class men were required to practice archery by law! The first Medieval Archery Law was passed in 1252, when all Englishmen between the ages of 15 to 60 were commanded, by Law, to equip themselves with a bow and arrows. The areas chosen for archery training during the Medieval era of the Middle Ages were known as the Butts.

A very powerful weapon at that time was the longbow. Used at the Battle of Crecy, in 1346, these longbows left the French army annihilated with roughly two thousand French fighters killed as opposed to fifty English men. This is the reason why Archery Laws were passed and why training at the Butts was so important and why it was among the very valuable sporting activities during the Middle Ages!

The girls of the Middle Ages were completely dictated to by all the men in their family accordingly it’s thought that the only sport women undertook was ‘legging it’ from various heavy-handed males!

There used to be numerous diverse forms of sports in the Middle Ages. Many of which were designed to improve the skills and strength of knights. These sports would incorporate jousting, quarterstaff contests, wrestling, hammer throwing, archery, skittles and bowls.

Sports activities have indeed moved on a whole lot from those times and it’s possible to look for the history of all your favoured sports activities in books for sports lovers .


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