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A long time ago, in the very distant past, films were adapted from books. How many of us have said, “I’ve seen it, but it was not as good as the book,” but you hardly ever hear anybody admitting to preferring the film over its book equivalent.

There have been lots of science fiction series, as in Torchwood, Doctor Who or Star Trek, that began on television and then moved into books and as the years moved forward many more popular television genres followed suit, an example of this is the US cop drama Starsky & Hutch.

The list is in no way exhaustive and while some people call the novels by TV characters or title, a trick employed by publishers to make them marketable, the reality is, if they are well written, they will sell.

DCI Banks

British crime drama, DCI Banks, is a TV series founded on Peter Robinson’s Inspector Alan Banks novels and stars Stephen Tompkinson acting the lead part.

The pilot episodes were adapted from the novel “Aftermath”, that were so popular, a further three of Robinson’s novels were adapted for the small screen.

The initial series consisted of 3 dramas in two parts based on 3 of these books by Peter Robinson: Playing with Fire, Cold is the Grave and Friend of the Devil, which earned tremendous viewer ratings and are some of the best TV books to read .

Three more mystery and crime books concerning DCI Banks were adapted for the second series where a new character, DI Helen Morton (Caroline Catz), was introduced but does not figure in the novels; as usual a touch of artistic licence is often all that is necessary to pull off further edge of the seat scenarios and Robinson’s novels are accessible in all formats, for example eBooks for eReaders.

Dr Tony Hill

Another British crime drama is Wire in the Blood and is based on characters created by author, Val McDermid. This TV series centred on Tony Hill, played by Robson Green, who is a university clinical psychologist. Hill is skilled at finding his own dark side to get into the heads of serial killers. Working together with detectives, Hill takes on tough and ostensibly unfathomable cases in an effort to find the killers before they hit again.

The support given to the detectives by Dr Tony Hill, allows them to chase down serial killers by way of a profile, based on the actions of the killer.

Hill is bright and engaging, if a slight eccentric and he is driven by a considerable awareness of right and wrong and his comprehension of human behaviour enables him to empathise strongly with both victim and killer. Tony does get results but the cases most often distress him greatly because he has trouble distancing himself from distressing cases.

Again, using artistic licence, only two or three of these episodes were determined by storylines found in McDermid’s books, the remainder were new plots written by others.

A few of these examples aren’t books based on TV series , they could be the opposite way about but whatever way round it occurs we will have many TV books and DVDs because of it!


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